Physical tension and stress

Transform deep muscular tension
through bodily relaxation techniques
into a renewed and balanced state

Emotional trauma and anxiety

Transform overwhelming emotions
through relieving anxiety and fear
into a balanced emotional state

Constant worry and negative thoughts

Transform negative thoughts and PTSD
through self-awareness and better choices
to a joyous and positive outlook

Natural and sustainable relief from stress and tension

Ideal for people suffering from trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, ADD, addiction, sleeplessness, muscular tension, aches and pains and many other conditions.

Release – Rebalance – Renew
An integrative approach to restore wellness in the body.

Powerful benefits for you:

Learn a body based technique to release trapped negative patterns or experiences and to resolve unwanted stresses/tensions in your body.

Understand why your body triggers the fight, flight or freeze response leading to Release, Rebalance and Renew.

Feels like having an internal massage, resulting in a feeling of calmness, ability to face each day’s challenges and bring more joy into your life.

Personal support and guidance from an experienced and accredited coach.

A safe and private space where you can release and recover without fear.

Techniques are all body based, so there is no need to revisit or discuss painful events from the past.

The focus is to empower you to be able to handle life’s challenges yourself in a sustainable manner.

Ability to carry on using the techniques on your own after your initial sessions.

Results are usually spontaneous and felt quickly.

What Our Clients say:

I was referred to Carol 4 years ago by my homeopath. The results were almost instantaneous – I could feel the release of my trauma both physically and emotionally. I had more energy, more focus and the ability to concentrate. I also felt more able to cope with my demanding job as well as my young children. During the whole process Carol was encouraging and supportive. The best is that you learn techniques to continue on your own going forwards.

Emma – Sandton

Before I came across Carol I believed the only help for anxiety was to talk things through which didn’t help me. One of the techniques Carol used was TRE® which showed me that our emotions are linked to our bodies more than we realise. The process helped me feel better physically which led to me feeling better emotionally. TRE® is a great way to reduce anxiety and to feel more self-aware.

Robyn – Ireland

Carol, thank you for helping me. I feel so much better. I recommend this for everyone – I am sleeping so much better, I feel more relaxed which is good for my business!

Roenel – Fourways

Relief from tension and stress without medication and nasty side effects!

Your body has the ability to provide lasting relief from tension and stress without the need for medication or digging into painful trauma from the past.

To find out how this can work for YOU, contact me for a confidential chat straight away.